Coaching Approach

“The more emotionally aware we are about our beliefs, behaviours and what is holding us back, the easier it is to make lasting changes at every level of our lives.”

Supported by extensive coaching training and a solid track record in the financial industry, Natalia’s expertise and highly effective approach to coaching have produced tangible and lasting results for the senior executives she has worked with.

As a coach, her aim is very clear: enable her clients to achieve tangible and measurable goals which will make a substantial difference to their personal and professional lives.

Natalia firmly believes that change comes from the inside. During the coaching process, Natalia offers a safe, non-directive and non judgemental environment where clients feel safe to work and explore their inner selves.

Natalia works at a cognitive level — beliefs, behaviours and results — but also applies other techniques such as clean language coaching, which uses images and visuals, as well as leadership embodiment, using the body as a tool. These methods help individuals achieve different perspectives which will help them step out their comfort zones and develop their full potential.

Natalia believes that every individual belongs to a system, whether that be their family, team, organisation or community, and works with the understanding that her coaching will not only impact the client — effective executive coaching creates meaningful change across their entire system.

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