“Exceptional leadership is the fruit of hard-earned experience and skilled teaching.”

Effective leadership development programmes inspire and equip senior executives, leaders and high-performers with the tools to propel themselves and their organisation forward.

Natalia designs and delivers tailor-made leadership development workshops, programmes and courses for organisations in London and internationally.

The aim of these programmes is to enable participants to not only extend their understanding of leadership, but also to develop new skills and capacities in order to adapt and perform in the current challenging economic and business environment.

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  • Process

    To develop a leadership training workshop or programme, Natalia first conducts an in-depth assessment of the organisation's needs through comprehensive analysis and observation. She will then devise a bespoke approach to meet those needs.

    Workshops are often the result of a 360 feedback process. Participants will typically create a detailed action plan focusing on the vital behavious and habits which need to change in order to achieve the best results in their personal and professional lives.

    Following leadership development programmes, many participants find additional one-to-one executive coaching sessions beneficial in helping them to implement their goals and action plans.
  • Outcomes

    Effective Leadership Development Programmes and Workshops can have the following outcomes:
    • Managing oneself: helping participants understand that change comes from within and enabling them to find the tools and resources to transform certain behaviours, habits and patterns to achieve personal and professional effectiveness and satisfaction
    • Building emotional intelligence and empathy
    • Understanding and leveraging different working styles and personalities through MBTI
    • Creating the context and conditions to enhance and support high perfoming teams
    • Improving teamwork based on respect, trust and collaboration
    • Improving communication within the teams and developing a feedback culture: giving and receiving feedback and managing difficult conversations
    • Navigating change and transitions at a personal, team and organisational level