Feedback interview from Managing Director, Software Company, Europe

What made you decide on Natalia as a coach?

Client: My HR department suggested that I attend a few sessions with an executive coach in order to develop some executive skills / best practices related to my behaviour. My HR representative arranged a few phone interviews with some “candidates”, and I must say that I immediately connected with Natalia, for the reasons indicated below. In other words, there was no doubt in my mind that she was the one I wanted to work and spend time with.

How did you find working with Natalia ?

Client: Absolutely great. I was truly amazed by her abilities to listen, capture and rephrase the content of our discussions, as well as leverage such a content in order to come up with extremely relevant observations / suggestions in order to improve my interpersonal skills and executive style.

How would you describe her as a coach?

Client: Natalia has a remarkable mix of skills that makes her an outstanding coach. First, she has incredible listening abilities: I can remember how she was not taking any notes during our meetings, but was able to remember absolutely everything we discussed, and start the next session as if we just finished the previous one! Her attention was never altered. The way she conducted the discussions was subtle, intelligent, effective, not intrusive. I really liked how she included references to other sessions she had as well as material she read. I basically felt she had a “master plan” although it is possible she was improvising as we were progressing (and I cannot blame her for this!). Last but not least, she has something that I found extremely valuable (actually an absolute must for me, but such a rare ability), namely that she brings a very important (and necessary) psychological perspective to our discussions. Very quickly and subtly, she was able to reach the very heart of the (personal) challenges that I was facing in order to turn this into something very positive.

Did Natalia and the coaching meet your expectations?

Client: Exceeded my expectations.

How could she improve?

Client: I honestly could not say!

Would you recommend her to others and work with her again?

Client: For sure. And I have done it many times already!


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